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For holyschmidtforever1187

I’m still a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy :)

You and your best friend (Allison) were walking around the city when you see a coffee place that you and your ex used to go to all the time.

You - This really sucks. I ignore him, don’t talk to him, and then I walk past this place and I still have memories from him.

Allison - Forget him. This grab a cup of coffee and relax. YOU’RE SINGLE NOW!!

You - I really don..

Allison grabs your arm and drags you inside anyway. You haven’t been there for awhile and noticed that they switched everything around.

You - Wow! It looks amazing in here! I can’t believe they re-did this whole place.

Allison ordered the coffees for both of you. You grabbed yours from the counter. You didn’t think anyone was behind you when…


You - Oh my god! I am so so so so so sorry. Are you okay? Can I grab your anything? Oh my god!!

?? - It’s fine. There’s no damage. The question is are you okay?

You looked down to notice that you spilled all your coffee on yourself, not him.

You - Shit..yeah. I’m fine. I was more worried about you.

You looked up to notice a bright green eyed guy who looked absolutely gorgeous. At that point, you were speechless.

?? - I’m sorry about all of this. Can I make it up to you?

You - ohh..umm…no. it’s fine.

?? - No. I insist. Sit down and have a coffee with me. I promise I don’t bite.

You - But I don’t even know your name..?

?? - Oh..well my name is Kendall.

You - Well Kendall, my name is (Y/N).

You and Kendall talked the whole night until the coffee shop closed. When it was time to leave, you said your goodbyes and started to part ways.

Kendall - Wait, (Y/N)! I wanna ask you for a favor.

You - What is it?

You automatically start thinking that he’s gonna try to get in your pants. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t. you just met him that night.

Kendall - Will you do me the honor and possibly…well…could I ask you for your number? I know we just met, but I would really like to get to know you more. If that’s ok.

You - Of course! I would love that.

You were not expecting that at all. You exchanged numbers and walked happily to your house. You just got in your door when you got a text.

From Kendall : Hey (Y/N)! I had an amazing night tonight. Definitely unexpected, but amazing :)

From You : Same here! The most fun I’ve had in a long time! :)

From Kendall : Maybe you want to hang out again…sometime soon?

From You : I would absolutely love that.

You and Kendall made a date to meet up again the next day. You guys went everywhere together, had an amazing time. You even agreed to go out more often. Only this time, on official dates.

A couple days later…

Kendall - Hey…umm…I’m not really to good with words at all, but umm…

You - Kendall, we’ve known each other for a good while now. Just spit it out.

Kendall - I don’t know how to find the words.

You - Then figure out a way to tell me what you want to tell me. Please?

Kendall listened to your words carefully. He then touched your face ever so slightly and looked you deep in the eyes. He had the most amazing eyes you’ve ever seen. He got really close to you and held your waist. You couldn’t believe this was happening. The next thing you know he leaned down and pressed his lips on yours. He had to softest lips. He didn’t want to go to fast incase you didn’t feel comfortable. You then wrapped your arms around his neck and started kissing him passionately. You were on cloud 9 for sure. It was getting pretty hot when Kendall leaned back to say something.

Kendall - (Y/N), when I first saw you in the coffee shop, I knew I wanted to be with you. Will you be my girlfriend?

You were so happy he liked you back the way you liked him. You were completely speechless. All you did was kiss him with just as much passion as last time.

Kendall - I take it that’s a yes..?

You - You better believe it.

You both gave a smile to each other and just held each other tight. You never wanted this day to end.

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